Attracting well over three hundred people to each event, 10x20x20 continues to be well received by the design community and the public. The diverse list of past presenters has included (but not been limited to) architects, artists, builders, industrial designers, historians, filmmakers and photographers.

The format for the forum is: 10 presenters, each presenting 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each – The total presentation time for each presenter is 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The content of the presentations is not dictated, nor edited, by the 10x20x20 committee.

The intention of these events is to bring the local Winnipeg design community into one space to share ideas, projects and design in a social setting. We are again, at the next event, looking forward to attracting another diverse audience for what is always a wild, entertaining and truly thought-provoking experience.

EVENT 8_January 27, 2012

Warren Carther
Director / Carther Studio Inc. / Glass Artist

Kevin Erickson
KNEstudio / New York
Professor / University of Illinois

Monica Giesbrecht
Principal / Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram Landscape Architecture & Planning

Mjölk architekti
Czech Republic

Roy Talmon + Noa Biran
Talmon Biran Architecture Studio / Israel

Frank Albo
Cambridge Architectural Historian / Author

Luca Roncoroni
LRA Architecture & Design, Norway

Jason Baerg

Visual Artist / Media Producer

Karen Shanski & Eduardo Aquino with Superficial Studio
Things in Trees 

Mark West
Founding Director / Centre for Architectural Structures and Technology [C.A.S.T.]
University of Manitoba / Faculty of Architecture

Also featuring:
DJ Neu & Architecture Thesis Students, Faculty of Architecture University of Manitoba Exhibition